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HS Tarm Solo Plus
High Efficiency Wood Gasification Boiler

  • Over two decades of proven service.
  • One of the early residential gasification boilers is still a leader today.
  • An industry leading 7mm steel (over ¼" thick) used for all surfaces in contact with fire or exhaust.
  • Forced combustion air with automatic damper for excellent temperature control.
  • Very safe clean burning design produces virtually no creosote or visible smoke during normal operation.
  • Easy to access vertical heat exchange tubes for minimal ash accumulation and cleaning.
  • Very few moving parts and durable design=very low service and maintenance.
  • Can be used with a thermal storage tank system.

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 sp30 cross section  sp30 cross section2 solo plus  close up control panel

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The Solo Plus is a wood-fired gasification boiler offering 75-80% overall efficiency. The key to this process is the high temperature reached in a second refractory-lined combustion chamber. This secondary combustion consumes the creosote and smoke that normally goes up the chimney, thereby wringing every bit of energy out of the wood fuel and resulting in a very clean burn.

Three-inch vertical heat exchange tubes are sized for maximum extraction of the energy in the high-temperature exhaust stream. The Solo Plus can be used without heat storage.

The Solo Plus boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.


Technical data Units 30 40 60
Depth-Boiler-Total inches 46½ 46½ 50½
Width-Boiler-Total inches 21 25 25
Height to Chimney Connection inches 41¾ 41¾ 41¾
Smoke Pipe Stub Outside Diameter inches 6 6 8
Weight-Empty lbs 1080 1180 1230
Water Contents gals 41 54 60
Loading Door inches 10 x 12 10 x 12 10 x 12
Combustion Chamber Depth inches 21 21 21
Combustion Chamber Volume Cu ft 4.01 5.35 6.02
Wood Length inches 20 20 20
Wood Diameter (Max)-Softwood inches 4 4 4
Wood Diameter (Max)-Hardwood inches 6 6 6
Operating Data
Operating Temperature-Water °F 180-190 180-190 180-190
Nominal Output Btu/hr 102,000 140,000 198,000
Required Draft inch WC -0.25 to -0.05 -0.25 to -0.05 -0.25 to -0.05
Electrical Data
Boiler Power Requirement - 120V-60HZ/15A 120V-60HZ/15A 120V-60HZ/15A
Blower W 35 105 105
Piping Data
Boiler Test Pressure psi 65 65 65
Boiler Relief Valve Setting psi 30 30 30
Supply and return Pipe Stub Size (male NPT) inch
Minimum Boiler Loop Size inch
Mixing Valve Opening Setting °F 140 140 140
Internal Overheat Aquastat Setting °F 212 212 212



Boiler Datasheet

Plumbing Schematics Document





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