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Links to Manufacturers

www.froeling.com - Manufacturer of Froling boilers

www.hstarm.dk - Manufacturer of HSTarm boilers

www.lkarmatur.se - Manufacturer of the Termovar Valve

www.grundfos.com - Manufacturer of Grundfos circulators

www.taco-hvac.com - Manufacturer of Taco circulators

www.honeywell.com - Manufacturer of aquastats, controls, and valves

www.automagzonevalve.net - Manufacturer of the Automag normally-open zone valve

Links on Pellets

www.pelletheat.org - Pellet Fuel Institute

www.pellet.org - British Columbia Pellet Fuel Manufactures Association

www.woodpellets.org - British BioGen Pellet Network

www.woodpelletfuels.com - Pellet Manufacturer and Multi-Heat dealer

www.pelletheat.com - Pellet Manufacturer with Multi-Heat photos

www.americanbiomass.com - On-line distributor of wood pellets, logs. bricks, and bulk delivery

www.biopellet.net - Manufacturer of bio-bricks

Links on Silos and Augers

www.brockmfg.com - Brock Silos and Augers

www.laidig.com - Laidig Silos

www.edwardsfiberglass.com - Manufacturer of fiberglass silos

www.pelletiermillwrights.com - New England distributor of silos and bins

Links on Heating

www.hearth.com- On-line site with wood burning Forum

www.heatinghelp.com - On-line site for plumbing and heating help

www.pmmag.com - Plumbing and Mechanical magizine

www.pmengineer.com- On-line plumbing publication

www.radiantpanelassociation.org- Radiant Panel Association (RPA)

Links on Renewable Energy Incentives

www.dsireusa.org - Start here to see if your state offers any incentives for burning an alternative fuel.

www.canren.gc.ca - Canadian government site on renewable energy programs

Links on Renewable and Sustainable Energy

www.bioenergyinternational.com - International publication on biomass fuels

www.nesea.org - The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

www.heatne.com - Home of the Heating the Northeast Conference

www.forgreenheat.org - Alliance for Green Heat

www.newyorkbiomass.org - New York Biomass Energy Alliance

www.biomasscenter.org- Biomass Energy Resource Center

www.biomassthermal.org - Biomass Thermal Energy Council

Miscellaneous Links

www.chimneys.com- All about chimneys

www.chimneycaps.com - Manufacturer of the Vacu-Stack