Couple’s new “Energy Center” Open House

We were invited to an open house to a Vermont couple’s new building that they affectionately call their “Energy Center”. This building comprises of a new greenhouse, office, utility rooms for boilers, systems, and a humidity controlled room for starting mushrooms.
On the roof and in front of their garden there are enough solar evacuated tubes to heat their greenhouse in the winter and their outdoor pool in the summer. Their new “energy center” is actually the heart of a “mini” district heating center. The “energy center” not only heats the greenhouse, but also their main house and guest house which are about 75-100’ away. A Tarm Biomass Fröling FHG 40/50 was installed to handle this task. The couple is very happy with their new Fröling and stated that their total carbon footprint was reduced by approximately 50%. They love the ability to use locally grown wood as their fuel.
It was a delightful gathering of all of the designers, craftsmen, suppliers, and neighbors (families were also invited) that all took part in making this project a reality. Luckily, a nasty impending storm held off until the open house concluded. I was so happy that we were invited.
Froling FHG Wood Boiler 1
Froling FHG Solar Controls
Froling FHG Storage Tanks
Green house 5
Froling FHg Solar 1
Froling FHG Inside Green House 2
Froling FHG Inside Green House 1
Froling FHG Green house 3
Froling FHG Green House 1
The Outside Pool
Pool House
The View
Pending Storms




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