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Fröling TM 400/500| Fully Automatic 1.3MM Btu/Hr to1.7MM Btu/Hr Wood Chip Boiler

SKU:TM500ASME Brand:Fröling

Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Heat


The Fröling Turbomat 500 Industrial Model is a unique heavy duty, fully automatic biomass boiler that operates with a wide variety of biomass fuels such as wood chips, wood pellets, wood shavings, and miscanthus.  Despite being compact, the Turbomat has a full fire clay combustion chamber and high temperature active grate as is typically found in larger boilers.  Weighing in at 18,450 pounds, the Turbomat weighs nearly twice as much as its competition in the same size class.  The Turbomat not only boasts innovative combustion technology but also offers impressive control options. With Lambda controls as standard, combustion chamber temperature monitoring,  automated adjustment of flue gas recirculation, and negative pressure control, perfect combustion is guaranteed for a wide range of materials. All Turbomat functions are fully automatic, from fuel feed and combustion to cleaning and ash removal. A The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be extremely robust, durable and easy to service.  A large variety of fuel feeding systems complete the package.  The Turbomat embodies Fröling’s expertise as a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems.

Fröling Turbomat Highlights/Key Features:

  • ASME stamped pressure vessel with a 45 PSI working pressure.
  • Safety tested and listed to UL 2523.
  • Trapezoidal stoker housing guarantees efficient operation of feed motors and flexibility for varying fuel sizes. The industry standard drive gear unit is durable and mechanically isolated from the feed channel. This prevents auger movements from affecting the gear unit.
  • 4-layer high temperature combustion chamber (firebrick / insulation/ air jacket / insulation) made of premium, heat resistant fireclay components for optimal combustion, even with inferior fuel (e.g. high moisture level, etc.).
  • High-temperature post combustion zone with hot fireclay lining prolongs combustion. This increases efficiency further, particularly with inferior fuels such as high moisture wood chips.
  • Moving grate for constantly uniform combustion process with ongoing removal of combustion residue.  The innovative primary air zone separation system produces exceptional combustion results.
  • Vertical, patented 4-pass heat exchanger with integrated multi-cyclone dust separation unit, and automatic Efficiency Optimization System (EOS) tube cleaning system.
  • Case cooling of combustion chamber minimizes radiant heat. The heat is specifically used to preheat the combustion air.
  • Automatic adjusting flue gas recirculation FGR (optional) optimizes burning (output, emissions, etc.) with particularly demanding fuels, e.g. pellets.
  • Speed-regulated and function-monitored induced draft fan together with the under-pressure controller ensure that the system continuously adapts to changes in fuel and the chimney conditions.
  • Multi-layer thermal insulation guarantees minimum radiant heat.
  • Large, solid combustion chamber doors ensure ease of access for maintenance.
  • Additional igniter option for hard to light fuels.