Best Use of Biomass is for Heat

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Letter written to the editor of Hearth and Home from Jon Strimling-President of To the Editor: As state and federal policymakers work to stimulate jobs in renewable energy and give the economy a much-needed boost, we would be wise to heed the lesson of Germany.  After substantial investment in wind and solar energy, Germany […]

Properly Sizing PEX Pipe for Remote Boiler Connection When Long Runs will be Necessary

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Tarm USA recommends installing solid fuel boilers in the basements or utility areas of homes whenever possible. Heat losses from boilers located within the home are reduced. Furthermore, heat escaping the boiler will diffuse into the home rather than to the outdoors.Recently, we have seen a trend toward locating boilers in locations remote from the […]

Renewable Energy Comparison

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  Many people throughout the country have a real concern for our economic and environmental future. The decisions we make regarding energy may well be the key to our success. For thirty years Tarm USA has been a part of this discussion and continues to be committed to advancing public understanding of the role that […]