Fuel Cost Calculator

Boiler Cost Calculator to Estimate Your Fuel Needs and Savings

Wood fuels (biomass) are an attractive fuel option offering several benefits, the foremost being cost savings. See wood fuel cost benefits compared to other heating options with our biomass boiler cost calculator.

What You Will Need for the Boiler Cost Calculator

1. Old fuel bills from the past heating season (two years is even better!).
2. The current cost of your fuel. Here is a link to average fuel prices in New Hampshire, or check with your home state's energy office. Fuel prices vary from region to region.
3. The price of your new biomass fuel (If you do not know, use the New Hampshire link above).

How to Use the Biomass Calculator:

1. Use the slider to adjust your annual fuel usage of the fuel you are currently using (grey cells).
2. Use the sliders to adjust the cost of the fuel that you currently use and of the fuel that you are comparing to.
3. Use the sliders to adjust the boiler efficiency if it is known.
4. Make sure to reset the calculator before checking a different fuel (all Annual Fuel Usage sliders must be reset to "0").

Why Calculate Your Fuel Cost?

If you're looking for a better heating solution for your residential or commercial property, wood-fueled boilers are a great way to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. Biomass fuels offer ongoing savings, carbon neutrality, and several other benefits, including:

Sustainability: Biomass heating is a highly efficient use of waste wood, generating significant heat energy from small wood quantities. Wood fuels have minimal processing requirements, and you can source them locally.

Availability: You can source wood from nearly anywhere — even your backyard — to meet your heating needs. By depending on highly available wood, you can reduce dependence on oil and gas companies and large utilities..

Stability: Wood prices remain relatively stable, largely avoiding panic pricing and surprises caused by global interruptions, speculation, and energy policy changes.    There is enough economic upset in the world without also having to be bothered about heating costs.  Use wood fuels and be assured that your budget won’t be destroyed by heating costs.

When considering changing how you heat, our calculator can help you make smarter decisions benefiting both your carbon footprint and wallet.. Enter your usage and costs from your current energy solution — like natural gas or propane — to determine the cost of different fuels and how much wood fuel you'll need to meet your heating demand.

How Much Money Can You Save? Find Out With Our Biomass Fuel Cost Calculator

These insights from our boiler cost calculator can help you reduce your fuel costs. Despite all of the reasons for wanting to burn wood, such as energy independence, carbon neutrality, spending your heating dollars locally, cost remains the main decision criterion.   Maybe you’re unsure about the cost of cordwood vs. the cost of wood pellets.  The cost calculator can also help with that.  Plus, since the price of wood is stable, you can remain in control of your already minimal heating costs.

If you're looking for a biomass solution for your heating needs, look no further than Tarm Biomass. We have residential and commercial biomass boilers and parts from leading European brands like Fröling, LK Armatur and HS-Tarm. We help our customers feel good about wood by selling appliances that provide energy independence, efficient operation and minimal operating costs.

Use the calculator from Tarm Biomass to realize your potential savings with a biomass boiler. Contact us online or call 1-800-STAY-WARM (1-800-782-9927) with your burning questions today. We look forward to telling you more about the benefits of biomass.