Residential Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are heating systems that use organic materials to generate heat. These boilers most commonly consume materials like wood and agricultural waste as their energy source. A residential boiler system will convert these biomass materials to heat while working at a lower capacity than commercial systems.

Wood pellets are the most common fuel source for residential biomass boilers. This material is easy to find, affordable, and reliable as a heat source. At Tarm Biomass, you can find a range of residential wood pellet boilers to suit your heating needs and meet your efficiency requirements.

Benefits of Residential Biomass Boilers

Choosing a biomass boiler for your home comes with several advantages, including:

  • Renewable fuel: You'll always have access to your fuel source, and its market cost is relatively stable compared to fluctuating fossil fuels.
  • Carbon neutrality: Decomposing biomatter would release the same amount of carbon dioxide as you do burning it, so you do not increase your carbon footprint when you use a biomass boiler.
  • Waste reduction: Wood pellets for heating are made predominantly from wood manufacturing waste. Choosing to burn a waste stream offsets fossil fuels and provides higher utilization of each tree.
  • Government initiatives: With governments around the world pushing for renewable energy, a residential biomass boiler may be eligible for tax credits, tax breaks, and cash incentives.

Residential Biomass Fuel Feeding Options

An automatic residential boiler system needs a feeding set up to bring the fuel to the boiler. Fröling offers several advanced wood pellet feeding and storage options to fit your home including small, manufactured bins for bag feeding and large cloth bags for bulk pellet storage. We also offer advanced feeding options for custom-built bins.

At Tarm Biomass, we help you identify the best feeding system for your space and heating needs. Once we understand the space you have for your boiler, we can provide a boiler system with a feeding unit to fit the area with ease.

The Best Options for a Residential Biomass Boiler

At Tarm Biomass, we carry a wide range of residential boiler systems from Fröling. Take a closer look at the following model:

With features like automatic loading, self-cleaning capabilities, and intuitive controls, these wood boilers make an excellent addition to any home's heating system. Fröling is among the leading manufacturers of biomass boilers, so you can expect exceptional performance regardless of the model you choose.

Why Choose Tarm Biomass for Your Residential Boiler System?

At Tarm Biomass, you gain access to the leading manufacturers in biomass boilers. In addition to reliable products, you get to work with a team that's always on your side. 

Switching to a residential biomass boiler comes with product and layout choices that may be challenging to work through on your own. The Tarm Biomass team is here to guide you every step of the way. We'll help you find the best product for your heating needs so you can enjoy your renewable heat source for years to come.

After the installation process, our team is ready to answer your use questions or any concerns you may have. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your residential wood pellet boiler options.