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The Fröling Turbomat 500 automatic wood chip boiler is a unique, heavy-duty, fully automatic, biomass boiler that operates with a wide variety of biomass fuels such as wood chips, wood pellets, wood shavings, and miscanthus.  A unique vertical heat exchanger with active mechanical scrapers ensures long-term efficiency and excellent ash separation in the exhaust stream. Despite being compact, the Fröling Turbomat 500 automatic wood chip boiler has a full fire clay combustion chamber and high-temperature active grate that is typically found in larger boilers. Weighing in at 18,450 pounds, the Turbomat weighs nearly twice as much as its competition in the same size class.

Available  Model:

• Fröling Turbomat Boiler 400/500 - 1.3MM to 1.7MM Btu/Hr


wood chip boiler Fröling TM 500
wood chip boiler Fröling TM 500 cross section

The Fröling Turbomat 500 automatic wood chip boiler not only boasts innovative combustion technology but also offers impressive control options. With Lambda controls as standard, combustion chamber temperature monitoring,  automated adjustment of flue gas recirculation, and negative pressure control, perfect combustion is guaranteed for a wide range of materials. All Turbomat functions are fully automatic, from fuel feed and combustion to cleaning and ash removal. The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be extremely robust, durable, and easy to service.  A large variety of fuel feeding systems complete the package.  The Fröling Turbomat automatic wood chip boiler is designed to operate 24 hours per day without shutting down for ash or fuel handling. The Turbomat embodies Fröling’s expertise as a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems.

The Fröling TM Model 500 is ASME certified. ASME logo

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Boiler Features

Fröling TM walking grate

High-Temperature Combustion Chamber with Moving Grate

The high-temperature combustion chamber is 4-shelled, guaranteeing clean combustion. The jacket cooling, together with the water-cooled stoker duct minimize radiant heat losses and guarantee high efficiency. Thanks to the moving conveyor grate, boiler operation is trouble- and maintenance-free, even when using low-grade fuels which tend to form ash clinkers. Separation of the primary air zone guarantees full, efficient burnout. This keeps emission levels very low (CO less than 10 mg/MJ) The ashes that fall under the grate are automatically transported to the ash container by a rake.

Fröling TM combustion chamber
Fröling TM walking grate
Fröling TM heat exchangers

Upright Heat Exchanger

The upright design means that the heat-exchanger practically cleans itself. The heating surfaces are cleaned automatically, which maintains high efficiency. Ash is removed by sturdy augers, which feed fly-ash into containers, which sit external to the boiler, allowing removal at any time.

Fröling TM Heat Exchanger outside view
Fröling TM Gas recirculation

Flue Gas Re-circulation

Some of the flue gas is fed back into the combustion by a speed-regulated flue gas re-circulation draft fan. The residual oxygen in the flue gas is fed back to the combustion zone by an automatic progressive rotary slide valve serving as the primary and secondary flue gas return. This reduces NOX emissions. It also helps to protect the fire clay when high-quality dry fuels are used while also optimizing combustion and output for damp fuels.

Fröling TM500 rear view
TM 500 screen shot

Fröling SPS 4000 Controller

The new SPS 4000, made of industry-standard high-quality components, is now available as an option. The clear, user-friendly control system offers a wide range of different settings and display options for individual, efficient and stable operation. The Fröling SPS 4000 offers numerous functional possibilities such as 5 sensor storage tank management, heating circuit, and network temperature control, external power specifications, cascade function, integration, monitoring, and controlling of additional peripheral components. Fröling Visualisation Software captures historic and current data thanks to its trend, status, and alarm recording features.

Fröling Turbomat System Overview

Fröling TM 500 complete system side shot

1. Robust agitator head.
2. Maintenance-free agitator gearbox.
3. Strong spring blade ensures even filling of the feed screw.
4. Screw channel with progressive screw for smooth operation.
5. Ball joint for continuously adjustable inclination of the feed screw.

6. Patented twin-chamber rotary valve for top burn back protection.
7. Thermal storage tank.
8. Easy access to the sheer edge through an accessible opening.
9. Gravity shaft cover with safety cut-off switch.
10. TM 500 wood chip boiler.

Heavy Duty Stoker and Flexible Ball Joint

The ball joint is a flexible connecting piece between the discharge screw and the stoker unit. Offering continuous adjustment of the inclinations (up to max. 15°) and angles, the ball joint enables an optimum adjustment to the space requirements. The highly compact stoker unit of the TM 500 together with the patented rotary valve guarantee top burn back protection and reliable fuel feed into the combustion zone. The stoker unit is driven jointly with the rotary valve by an energy-saving geared motor (spur gears), guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. For large or less uniform wood chip fuel, a heavy-duty and very reliable hydraulic ram feeder is an option.

wood chip boiler feed auger system
ood chip boiler air locks

Patented Twin-Chamber Rotary Valve

The patented twin-chamber rotary valve offers maximum operating safety. The rotary valve forms a reliable separation between the discharge system and the feed unit, providing optimal burn-back protection. The advanced system design with two chambers ensures that the fuel is transported continuously to the combustion zone. This optimal fuel metering ensures the best possible combustion values. The two large chambers are especially suitable for transporting wood chips up to P45A (previously G50). The high-quality cutting edges can be replaced and also easily cut through coarser pieces. High resistance is recognized automatically. The rotary valve and screw move backward (several times depending on the parameters set) until transport can be re-started. The rotary valve is extremely quiet and uses only minimal power.


Fröling Wood Chip Storage and Conveyance Systems

Fröling engineers can supply numerous chip feeding systems that seamlessly integrate with their boilers, which is crucial for reliable operation. Scraper floors, rotary agitators, chain conveyors, inclined auger discharge, and heavy-duty horizontal discharge are options provided by Fröling. Integrating feed systems with boilers is an important all-in-one service provided by Fröling. The simple and effective design of Fröling's rotary agitator discharge systems ensures smooth operation.  Any problematic materials (e.g. foreign debris) are automatically detected and removed by a reverse turn of the augers(turn control). The feed auger with a progressive screw blade ensures low energy consumption. Rotary discharge is also available with independent drive systems for variable adjustment of fuel feed output.

wood chip boiler agitator

Spring Blade Agitator

Maintenance-free system maximum working diameter of 18' (5.5 meters). Designed for fuels that flow easily. (e.g. wood pellets, wood chips P16A/P45A to M35; previously G30/G50 to W35).

wood chip boiler agitator

TGR/SGR Articulated Arm Rotary Agitator

A maintenance-free system with a patented design with a maximum working diameter of 19½' (6 meters). Designed for fuels requiring greater discharge power due to their limited ability to flow.

wood chip boiler agitators

Rotary Agitator Discharge Systems with Separate Drive

Fröling’s rotary agitator discharge systems with separate drives offer even greater flexibility. With the FBR-G and TGR-G agitators, the rotary agitator is powered independently of the discharge screw. This allows flexible installation and variable adjustment of the feed output. The discharge screws can be positioned on both the left and right of the rotary agitator. There is also the option of using extra-long discharge screws which helps to pull fuel efficiently from the rear of the fuel storeroom.

Inclined Screw Discharge Unit

Mainly used as a silo discharge screw in the wood-processing industry. Ensures even and reliable fuel feed from high silos.

Horizontal Screw Discharge Unit

Solid construction to withstand extremely high feed loads when feeding from high silos. This is used for shavings and for large diameter bunkers.

fuel storage option

Hydraulic Scraper Floor

Optimal design for rectangular storage rooms. Suitable for all commonly used biomass fuels. The pusher discharge unit is extremely sturdy and has proven to be especially suitable for conveying fuels from large wood chip storerooms.

froling connect logo
froing connect diagram


Fröling Connect software allows free remote monitoring and control from web-enabled devices. You can read and modify the main status information and settings easily and conveniently online. It is also possible to store historic operating information and receive warnings such as when the ash box is full. It allows the owner of the heating system to enable additional users, for example, a family member, neighbor, or service technician. Once the boiler is connected to the internet, the system can be accessed 24/7 from everywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or PC with a web browser.

Fröling connect

Case Studies

Here are working TM 500 Boiler Project Summaries. For more project summary examples on pellet, wood chip, and cordwood boilers please click here.

wood chip boiler project summary
wood chip boiler project summary
Fröling TM Project Summary
Froling TM Project summary

TM Wood Chip Boiler Features

• ASME stamped pressure vessel with a 45 PSI working pressure.

• Safety tested and listed to UL 2523.

• Trapezoidal stoker housing guarantees efficient operation of feed motors and flexibility for varying fuel sizes. The industry standard drive gear unit is durable and mechanically isolated from the feed channel. This prevents auger movements from affecting the gear unit.

• 4-layer high-temperature combustion chamber (firebrick/insulation/ air jacket/insulation) made of premium, heat resistant fire-clay components for optimal combustion, even with inferior fuel (e.g. high moisture level, etc.).

• High-temperature post-combustion zone with hot fire-clay lining prolongs combustion. This increases efficiency further, particularly with inferior fuels such as high moisture wood chips.

• Moving grate for constantly uniform combustion process with ongoing removal of combustion residue.  The innovative primary air zone separation system produces exceptional combustion results.

• Vertical patented 4-pass heat exchanger with integrated multi-cyclone dust separation unit and automatic Efficiency Optimization System (EOS) tube cleaning system.

• Case cooling of the combustion chamber minimizes radiant heat. The heat is specifically used to preheat the combustion air.

• Automatic adjusting flue gas re-circulation FGR (optional) optimizes burning (output, emissions, etc.) with particularly demanding fuels, e.g. pellets.

• Speed-regulated and function-monitored induced draft fan together with the under-pressure controller ensure that the system continuously adapts to changes in fuel and the chimney conditions.

• Multi-layer thermal insulation guarantees minimum radiant heat.

• Large, solid combustion chamber doors ensure ease of access for maintenance.

• Additional igniter option for hard to light fuels.

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