Indoor Wood Boilers

Discover indoor wood boilers’ low maintenance and efficient heat. They are the ideal solution for homeowners and businesses looking for reliable heating. Investing in an indoor wood boiler ensures consistent comfort throughout your property while significantly reducing heating costs. Explore our range of heating solutions below or contact us today to purchase your ideal boiler!

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Tarm Biomass Products

Wood Heating

Tarm Biomass is a leading supplier of high-efficiency wood-burning boilers. Add a wood boiler to your existing heating system to immediately begin experiencing the benefits of wood burning.  Both our trained dealers and the experts at Tarm Biomass are ready to help. Contact us today!

Wood Boiler Heating

Pellet Heating

Pellet boiler heating is an efficient and easy way to heat any home or business. We offer wood pellet boiler heating systems that are sustainable alternatives perfect for varying budgets and lifestyles. Contact us online to connect with our team!

Pellet Boiler Heating

Commercial Wood Chip Heating

We are a leading provider of commercial sized wood chip boiler products. Fröling wood chip boilers are fuel and energy efficient alternatives that deliver the most reliable heating for organizations across all sectors. Connect with our team today!

Wood Chip Heating

Commercial Wood Chip and Wood Pellet Heating

Investing in a commercial sized Fröling Biomass Boiler can lead to substantial fuel savings for larger heating loads. Our team will work with your engineer to ensure we find the right system for your building. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

Commercial Heating

Thermal Storage

We carry ASME-certified pressurized storage tanks in various sizes. From the Froling Fröling Energy Tank to the the Turbomax, we have the storage tanks that will suit your heating needs. Connect our team today!

Thermal Storage


  • Save money on heating costs compared to other heating systems
  • An environmentally friendly substitute for fossil fuels
  • Carbon neutral heating, solving the toughest segment of the carbon neutral triad of heat, power, and transportation
  • Can potentially earn you a federal or state rebate
  • Can benefit your local economy
  • Help you achieve energy independence
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When You Choose Tarm Biomass Boilers, You are Not Alone!

Over 11,000 Sold Since 1974!

Wherever there is wood and the need for heating you will find our boilers, the best wood boilers available. It may not be obvious because our products are not sitting in the back yard belching smoke, but around the country and in Canada, Tarm Biomass boilers quietly and unobtrusively provide inexpensive, reliable heat for homes, businesses, schools, affordable housing, monasteries, churches, farms, pools, and a host of other applications.

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Find the Best Indoor Wood Boilers to Handle your Sustainable Heating Needs Here

If you’re looking for indoor wood boilers for sale, you’ve landed at the right place! Our team encourages professional installation by trained wood boiler dealers because we know that quality starts with the equipment and ends with the experience. Like you, we are Feeling Good About Wood. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint and contact us today!