how wood gasification boilers work

How Wood Gasification Boilers Work

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Tarm Biomass has been selling and supporting wood gasification boilers since 1994. Wood gasification boilers are becoming more common as more boiler companies adopt the technology to meet strict emissions rules. Learn more about the process and why a gasification boiler can be an excellent investment. In general, the process of gasification uses high heat […]

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Outdoor Wood Boilers Vs. Indoor Wood Boilers

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If you live in a rural area (you’re reading this so you likely do), you are probably familiar with outdoor wood boilers, otherwise known as outdoor water stoves, outdoor wood furnaces, OWB, or hydronic heaters. Outdoor wood boilers are small, outhouse-sized, metal-sided shanties often painted dark blue, green, brown, or black with a short smokestack. […]

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Understanding Wood Boiler Efficiency and EPA Ratings

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When it comes to wood boiler efficiency, too many are “high efficiency” boilers.  How could practically all wood boilers be considered highly efficient?  Is the term meaningless?  Even informed buyers must find the landscape very confusing.  One might think that a government website could help solve the confusion.  However, even the EPA site listing approved […]