Fröling Boilers

In the biomass boiler industry, many manufacturers are striving to make boiler systems that support ease and efficiency. Fröling has surfaced as an industry leader, developing boilers with automation, internet connectivity, self-cleaning functions, and much more.

What Makes Fröling an Industry Leader?

röling launched in 1956 in Austria. After over 60 years, Froling remains a family business that only produces boilers using wood as fuel in various forms such as logs, pellets, and chips. With over 600 employees, Froling is the world leader in boilers that use wood for heating. Their products range from small firewood boilers to 1 Megawatt wood chip boilers to high-end combined heat and power-producing units.

Standout Fröling Products

At Tarm Biomass, we carry various Fröling boilers for commercial and residential needs. We offer:

  • Fröling S3 Turbo: This gasification boiler offers one-step operation, a built-in smoke hood, and advanced combustion controls for high-performance efficiency and ease of use. It captures smoke as it operates, and the heat exchanger self-cleans to limit hands-on maintenance requirements.
  • Fröling PE1: Typically used in residences, this compact, lambda-controlled boiler has a speed-regulated fan and self-cleaning combustion grate. Internet connectivity allows you to control your heating from your favorite smart device, while an easy-to-remove ash box simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Fröling P4: As another lambda-controlled model, this pellet boiler is one of the most advanced on the market. Complete automation allows the system to run without manual refilling, and its larger capacity suits commercial applications with high heating demands. Enjoy industry-leading safety features, internet connectivity, multiple pellet storage options, and an easy-to-clean ash box.
  • Fröling T4: Compatible with wood chips and pellets, the T4 is safe and efficient with its fully automatic system. The silicon carbide combustion chamber offers innovative air control to ensure efficient operation around the clock. Smart grate technology ensures optimal combustion for the most efficient burn, and an easy-to-remove ash box keeps maintenance requirements minimal.
  • Fröling Turbomat 500: This biomass boiler works with wood chips and wood pellets to create 24/7 hot water heat. Combustion chamber temperature monitoring, automatic fuel feeding, and a user-friendly control system ensure ease of use for all heating needs. Its heavy-duty design, automated design, and high-capacity capabilities make it an excellent option for commercial applications.

Need help finding the right boiler? The Tarm Biomass team works with you to identify your needs and find the right product for your heating requirements. With Fröling's developments in the industry, you can expect reliable performance for years to come.

Choose Tarm Biomass for Your Fröling Wood Boiler

At Tarm Biomass, we want you to have a wood boiler that suits your heating needs. Our team works with you to identify the best product for your space, whether you need a commercial or residential system.

With the wide range of products we carry, you can find an efficient and user-friendly boiler for your home or commercial space. Reach out to our experts to learn more.