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The PE1 automatic wood pellet boiler by Fröling is EPA Certified!

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The Fröling PE1 automatic wood pellet boiler is a compact, Lambda-controlled boiler for central heating and for making hot water. Fröling PE1 wood pellet boilers provide a convenient, safe, and environmentally responsible way to heat space and hot water with wood pellets. PE1 owners are assured of unusually high heating efficiency, low heating costs, and the use of an abundant, locally available, renewable fuel.

With its ingenious, fully automated operation, this boiler is amazingly easy to use. PE1 automatic wood pellet boilers provide the convenience of gas or oil central heat with dramatically reduced fuel costs and reduced carbon emissions. The boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.

The wood pellets used for the PE1 boiler are pure wood and lack the harmful substances found in fossil fuels like oil and gas.  In fact, wood pellets are often used for animal bedding and litter for animals because of their natural properties.  Even beyond the point of use, fossil fuels wreak havoc around the globe during extraction and transportation.  Wood pellets are an all-natural, non-toxic wood fuel created at mills located close to our communities. 

These wood pellets usually come from leftover wood materials and are not subject to world politics and posturing, making the price stable compared to fossil fuels. With high accessibility to your fuel at all times, you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the year.

Available pellet boiler models:

• Fröling PE1 Pellet Boiler 15/20- 51,000-68,000 Btu/hr
• Fröling PE1 Pellet Boiler 25/35- 85,000-120,000 Btu/hr

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Froling PE1 Pellet Boiler

Wood pellet boilers use renewable fuel and are therefore an important renewable heating option.  As a result, many governments incentivize their use in homes and businesses.

As of December 2020, installations of wood-fueled boilers and stoves for home heating with an efficiency of 75% or better qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. The Investment Tax Credit or ITC, which has been available for other renewable energy installations for years, was finally granted for efficient wood heating after almost a decade of effort by the wood heating industry. Please visit this link for more information on the federal tax credit.

Pellet Boiler State Incentives
Froling PE1 Cross Section

Automatic wood pellet boiler comfort

The Fröling PE1 automatic wood pellet boiler is ingenious and fully automatic. It can replace an oil or gas boiler and can be relied upon to run for a month or more at a time without human touch. The boiler modulates to match the heating load and uses very little power to operate. The wood pellet boiler uses a long-lasting, low-energy, hot surface igniter for ignition. 

Other unique features that set the boiler apart from other wood pellet boilers are a combustion grate that slides to clean while at the same time integrating a chimney cut-off function to retain heat in the boiler when not actively burning. The standard wood pellet fuel vacuum can be located any place along the return air-line for easy service and sound management.

Powerful features make the automatic wood pellet boiler as easy to use as oil and propane systems. Automation ensures your boiler runs without your constant watch, while the heat is cozy, quiet, clean, and consistent. The PE1 boiler is an excellent addition to businesses and homes, regardless of their sizes.

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The automatic sliding grate clears ash. The movement also controls the secondary air and the integrated chimney cut-off at the same time. The boiler lights automatically with a low Wattage hot surface igniter, which does not contact the wood pellet fuel and therefore is very durable. The wood pellet boiler has unique dual safety gates that are controlled by one single heavy-duty spring-wound actuator for maximum burn-back protection.

Compacting augers pack the ash into the disposal box, so the boiler can go longer periods without a need to empty the box. It's necessary to clear out the ash a few times a year. An easy-to-remove ash box with a handle makes this task simple. The Fröling PE1 boiler is an innovative product anyone can use.

Speed Regulated Draft Fan and Lambda Control

A speed-regulated fan combined with oxygen and temperature-based exhaust sensors allows Fröling PE1 boilers to modulate output while remaining clean and efficient. The boiler can react to changing pellet fuel (harder/softer, more/less pitch, small/large pellets) while still remaining clean. 

The use of oxygen control is less common, but it is the best way to ensure the cleanest burn possible. Standard large touch screens enable internet connectivity and the ability to view multiple functions at a single glance. With easy-to-read touch controls, you can modify settings as needed. Fröling PE1 controls track fuel use, maintenance, and the function of all-electric components.

While the PE1 offers high output capabilities, its powerful features fit inside a tidy footprint of about 3 feet by 3'. Automatic ignition ensures your boiler runs the moment you need it, and the fail-safe fuel system protects your space from flame hazards.

Self Cleaning System

Fröling pellet boilers self-clean the combustion grate and heat exchanger so that combustion is safe, clean, and controlled while extracting as much heat as is possible from your valuable fuel. Ash is collected into a handy covered container that can be carried away like a small suitcase for disposal.  Average homeowner use only requires that the ash box be removed 3-5 times per year depending on the amount of fuel used.

The self-cleaning system reduces the need for maintenance. If maintenance and repairs are necessary, the Fröling PE1 boiler is engineered for easy maintenance. When it's time to tune up your boiler, a professional can handle the task efficiently, saving on labor costs and preventing future problems.


Fröling Connect software allows free remote monitoring and control from web-enabled devices. You can read and modify the main status information and settings easily and conveniently online. It is also possible to store historic operating information and receive warnings such as when the ash box is full. It allows the owner of the heating system to enable additional users, for example, a family member, neighbor, or service technician. Once the boiler is connected to the internet, the system can be accessed 24/7 from everywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or PC with a web browser.

With all the information you need sent right to your favorite device automatically, you can forget about your boiler until prompted. With real-time alerts about your ash box or operating information, you'll always know how to respond. You'll receive these alerts right away, making it easy to take care of your boiler and extend its life span. Additional user capability ensures everyone is in the loop about boiler care and handling.

Pellet Suction Module

Pellet Storage Integration

Our range of wood pellet storage options ensures your PE1 boiler fits into your space. Options include:

  1. Universal System -Utilizes a dedicated storage space with flexible pellet feeding options of one or three suction probes from a sloped or flat floor area, providing complete emptying of the storage room.
  2. Suction Screw System - Utilizes a dedicated storage space with a sloped base to convey pellets with an auger and suction.
  3. Bag Silo - This pre-manufactured, flexible, simple storage container is easy to assemble.
  4. External Silo - This remanufactured storage container is ideal for commercial use or applications with inadequate interior space or larger fuel storage requirements.
  5. The Cube - This compact storage container is a cost-effective solution for small fuel requirements or for use with 40-pound bags of fuel.

PE1 Wood Pellet Boiler Features

• EPA Certified
• Safety Tested and Listed
• For Home or Light Commercial Use
• Fully Automatic
• Bulk Fuel Ready

• Fully Factory Assembled
• Pneumatic Wood Pellet Feed
• Lambda Controlled for Optimal Combustion
• Unique Dual Safety Gates
• Cascade Control Available for Multiple Boilers

• Automatic Heat Exchange Cleaning
• Compact Construction
• Used With or Without Thermal Storage
• Exhaust Temperatures Under 350 F
• Ash Box with Auger for Long Ash Removal Times

Uses for the Fröling PE1

The Fröling PE1 pellet boiler has commercial and residential applications. These boilers can act as entire heat sources for your home or office. You can also use them to heat your domestic water. Choose the PE1 when you:

  • Need higher efficiency: If you have a large office or home and your existing heating method isn't cutting it, you'll be impressed by the heat a wood pellet boiler can generate. Its efficiency together with low-cost fuel can lead to significantly lower heating bills
  • Strive to be eco-friendly: Whether your company is starting a green initiative or you're trying to be more eco-friendly at home, wood pellets are a renewable and sustainable resource.  Pellets are made locally and dollars spent on wood pellet fuel remains in your local economy.
  • Want something simple: Automation and internet connectivity make the PE1 easy to use, especially compared to hand-fired pellet heaters, wood boilers, and stoves.

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