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There's No Better Time to Become a Tarm Biomass Dealer!

Are you seeking a business opportunity in the sustainable energy field?  Perhaps you are already selling wood boilers, but now looking for an EPA approved option that is backed by a reputable company?  Maybe you want a pellet boiler line? 

Tarm Biomass offers small, residential pellet boilers, 1.7 million Btu/hr. commercial chip boilers, wood boilers, and everything in between.  All products are high quality products and are provided with ample support. 

We seek dealers of many stripes.  Some of our dealers are commercial specialists.  Other dealers focus on cord wood boilers.  Whatever your dealership interest, we'd enjoy the opportunity to discuss the possibilities. Please fill out he Tarm Biomass Dealer Interest form below:

Tarm Biomass

19 Archertown Road
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Toll Free: 800.782.9927
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