Wood Burning is Carbon Neutral

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Wood burning is carbon neutral.  For thousands of years, wood burning has been carbon neutral. Now that we face a climate crisis, some people have concluded that wood burning is no longer carbon neutral.  What changed? Here’s what hasn’t changed:  People believe the science they want to believe.   Some think all forestry is unsustainable.  Other’s […]

Great Technology is Only 1/2 of the Equation

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Our local newspaper, the Valley News, recently ran an article about heat pumps titled, “Innovation, or Just Hot Air?”. The article references a Vermont Public Service Department report, which found that in 77 studied heat pump installations, “the average annual energy cost savings was approximately $200.00 per heat pump, significantly less than had been assumed […]

Froling PE1 Pellet Boilers are EPA Approved, 30%+ Cleaner than Similar Boilers

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Froling has received EPA approvals for PE1 20 and PE1 35 pellet boilers.  Results will soon be posted on the EPA Hydronic Heaters List, which can be found here: The PE1 20 has an emission rate of .049 lbs/mmBtu/hr. and an annualized emission rate of .425 grams/hr.  Annualized efficiency is 78%.  The PE1 35 […]

Advanced Wood Heating Can Flatten The Duck Curve

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There is a pattern of power use and renewable power production that is putting pressure on electric utilities.  When power demand is highest- through the evening and overnight hours to morning- renewable electrical production is often at its lowest.  Power demand, when plotted over a 24 hour period can look like the silhouette of a […]

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Certifies Fröling FHG Wood Boiler

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 30,2014 Media Contact: Scott Nichols,, 603-795-9102 Tarm Biomass, of, Lyme, NH is pleased to announce that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DES) has certified the Fröling FHG Model 20 wood heating boiler for use in New York State. The wood boiler is the first in nation to […]