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climate emergency

A “Climate Emergency” Does not Make Heating with Wood Less Sustainable

Using wood for heating is not only smart carbon policy, but should also become an essential component of pro-forestation land ...
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Over-Heat Dump Zones for Solid Fuel Hot Water Boilers

All Solid fuel hot water boilers must be installed with an ability to shed heat with or without the benefit ...
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Wood is Nature’s Battery

Wood is Nature's BatteryEnergy Available Right Now Image Source:Tesla Storing renewable energy is one of the great challenges of the ...
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Modern Wood Boilers – The Benefits of Batch Burning

The Modern Wood BoilerThinking about Modern, Renewable Heating Systems What is a "Modern Wood Boiler"?  Modern wood boilers use sensors, ...
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wood pellet boiler

Wood Pellet Boiler – Burning Wood Pellets Makes Life Easier

Busy Campground Makes the Switch to a Fröling Wood Pellet Boiler Israel River Campground in Jefferson, NH has been burning ...
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Wood Burning is Carbon Neutral

Wood burning is carbon neutral.  For thousands of years, wood burning has been carbon neutral. Now that we face a ...
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indoor wood boiler firewood

Understanding Wood Boiler Efficiency and EPA Ratings

When it comes to wood boiler efficiency, there is no end to the number of wood boilers advertised as being ...
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Commercial Pellet Boilers, Case Study

We previously posted about the pellet boiler installation at our offices, which consists of two Froling P4 100 commercial pellet ...
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Effecta smart wood boiler

Effecta Wood Boilers Evolving Design

World class products such as Effecta wood boilers aren't hatched in one day.  Making great wood boilers requires reactionary development ...
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Wood Boilers- Tools of Evolving Man

A Box of Water with Fire Inside Wood boilers control fire.  It's an old story.  The ancient people discovered fire.  ...
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Froling Wood pellet Boiler

Froling Wood Pellet Boilers Installed by Tarm Biomass Heat Orford Commercial Building

A Fertile Opportunity for Renewable Heating Sometimes nice old buildings present fertile opportunities for renewable heating makeovers with Froling wood ...
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A Conservation and Comfort Conversion in St. Johnsbury, VT

The house is a two story 4,800 (total) square foot log structure built by its owners several decades ago. The ...
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Brian Millette, Steadfast for 29 1/2 Years, Retires from Tarm Biomass

Brian Millette is retiring!  Tomorrow, Wednesday May 9th, will be Brian’s last day at Tarm Biomass. Brian started working for ...
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Great Technology is Only 1/2 of the Equation

Our local newspaper, the Valley News, recently ran an article about heat pumps titled, “Innovation, or Just Hot Air?”. The ...
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Froling PE1 Pellet Boilers are EPA Approved, 30%+ Cleaner than Similar Boilers

Froling has received EPA approvals for PE1 20 and PE1 35 pellet boilers.  Results will soon be posted on the ...
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Advanced Wood Heating Can Flatten The Duck Curve

There is a pattern of power use and renewable power production that is putting pressure on electric utilities.  When power ...
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Featured T4 Installation at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park

Boilers: Fröling T4 150 (500,000 Btu/r) wood pellet/wood chip boiler. Previously installed Garn WH1500 (177,000 Btu/hr) with a water capacity ...
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Hydronics for High-Efficiency Biomass Boilers Training

Update! The correct date and information for the upcoming NYSERDA boiler training. It seems our email subscription feed hiccuped and ...
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Featured Installation: South Main Apartments-Waterbury, VT

The historic Ladd Hall in Waterbury, VT has gone through a huge makeover. The building was sitting vacant since August ...
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Announcing The Fröling Turbomat 500

The first Fröling Turbomat 500 (TM 500) has arrived in the USA! The TM 500 is a 1.7 mm Btu/hr ...
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