Lambda Controlled Wood Combustion in Gasification Boilers

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Lambda controlled combustion in wood burning boilers combines modern computer processing and control with the ancient use of wood as fuel. The problem: A traditional problem with wood burning is the emission of unburned, yet energy rich gasses as smoke. Burning smoke enhances efficiency and decreases harmful emissions. If wood is heated and turned into […]

European Union to North American Wood Boiler Efficiency Conversion

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Background(for the technical savvy): Thermal Efficiency For an energy conversion device like a boiler the thermal efficiency is: So, for a boiler that produces 30KW (100,000 Btu/h) output for each 40KW (140,000 Btu/h) heat-equivalent input, its thermal efficiency (n) is 30/40=0.75, or 75%. This means that 25% of the energy is lost to the environment. […]