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Wood and pellet burning home heating boilers transform your home into a warm sanctuary. They accomplish this in a way that is considerate of your need to manage money while being sensitive to the enviroment.

With the high cost of fossil fuels and the long life of our products, your Tarm Biomass boiler will be among the most economical upgrades you can make to your home. By dramatically reducing - or even eliminating - your use of fossil fuels, a Tarm Biomass boiler will pay back the initial investment very quickly. And the extremely high quality of your boiler will ensure that it will keep on giving you a return on that investment for many, many years to come.

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Home heating decisions that work for today, as well as tomorrow, have become essential in our changing world. With limited natural resources, and a world economy no longer strongly dominated by the U.S., we need to give significant thought to managing or money while being sensitive to what is best for the enviroment. Tarm Biomass offers high efficiency boilers that promote the clean burning of carbon-cycle biomass that is critical to lowering the net greenhouse gas emissions.



Step By Step

Making informed choices about the right boiler for you involves as assessment of your heating needs, the type of home you've chosen, and your lifestyle.

What are Your Heating Priorities?

Determining your heating needs involves an assessment of the individuals living within your home. Do you have small children or older adults who may need a warmer environment? Is your home empty for most of the day while you or your spouse are at work? 

How Does Your Home Factor Into Your Choices? 

Is your home passive solar, thus providing you with ample ancillary heat, or do you have a historic home that requires additional warmth due to drafts and attic heat loss?

How Do You Live?

While Tarm Biomass boilers are extremely efficient, and easy to use, they still require some tending. Are you able to load wood into the boiler one or two times a day? Firewood requires physical work preparing and storing the fuel and tending the boiler; it also offers the most economical way to heat your home. Would you prefer to burn wood in pelletized form and limit physical involvement to ash removal 3-5 times per heating season? Wood pellet fuel is convenient but does not offer the same cost advantages as putting up your own firewood.