Featured Installation: Froling P4 Fully Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler-Bethel, VT

Fröling p4 pellet boiler

Polly and John are happy! They just got their new Froling P4 32/38 started before winter officially kicked in. Their apartment received damage from Tropical Storm Irene and they lost everything in their basement including their source of heat. They had already planned on installing a Froling P4 pellet boiler at a later date, but because of the storm, it made it the right time to replace their old inefficient oil boiler. The installation is almost complete except for their permanent fuel storeroom and insulating the thermal storage tank. The Froling P4 will be their only boiler, so it is also controlling and heating the domestic hot water tank. They have also integrated a new energy-efficient Grundfos Alpha pump into their heating system.

Right outside their door, there is a lot of activity going on. The town of Bethel, VT received a lot of damage from the storm. The main bridge in town is being replaced and tons of gravel and stone are being brought in to repair damaged VT Route 107. Please check out the photos and quick video below.

Froling P4 Bethel 1System Installed: Froling P4 32/38 wood pellet boiler
Thermal Storage: 300 gallons
Fuel Store: Not completed. It will be approximately a 10 ton inside fuel storeroom with an Ecobox System.
Building Description: 5,000 sq. ft 5-unit apartment building.
Heating System: It is currently baseboard radiation, but will be adding panel heaters.
Completed Date: December 2011
Installed By: AHT Plumbing and Heating Sharon, VT 802-763-2200

Froling P4 Bethel 2
Front View of the House

Froling P4 Automatic Wood Pellet Boiler
Froling P4 32/38 with 300 Gallon Thermal Tank (still needs insulation)

Froling P4 Bethel 3 
Grundfos Alpha Pump
Froling P4 Bethel 4
5-Zone Heating System

Froling P4 Bethel 5
Indirect Hot Water Heater

…and the Tropical Storm Irene clean-up continues around them.

Froling P4 Bethel 6
Their backyard. The White River is in the background.

Froling P4 Bethel 6
The bridge is being replaced. The water actually over-flowed the deck of the bridge.

Froling P4 Bethel 7
New Temporary Bridge being rolled out.

Froling P4 Bethel 8
Crossing the river to get another load of stone to repair Route 107.

Froling P4 Bethel 9
This is where the trains dump their load of gravel.



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