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Fröling FHG Installation-Step By Step

We were happy to receive the following images of a FHG wood boiler installation from start to finish. The Fröling 40/50 is installed in a newly constructed attached insulated addition that is connected to the main house. The boiler is piped to the home with properly sized, insulated underground tubing to the home’s basement. The thermal storage tank system is a reporposed stainless steel milk tank with copper coils.




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2 thoughts on “Fröling FHG Installation-Step By Step

  1. What should the difference in temperature be between the wood boiler and the thermal water storage tank? I think I might have a problem with my set up. The boiler is at 98 degrees Celsius while the top of my tank is at 78 degrees Celsius and the bottom of the tank is at 80 degrees Celsius. That's a 36 degree Fahrenheit deference. I think my plumbers have the water going into the top of the tank and drawing off the bottom of the tank.

  2. Hello Jeffrey, First, 98 degrees C is too hot for safe boiler operation. I would not operate above 90 degrees C. When the tank reaches these higher temperatures it does become difficult to transfer heat because of the smaller delta T. You are correct, the hot supply should go to the top of the tank and the return comes off from the bottom. Please give us a call if you need to:1-800-782-9927.

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