New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Certifies Fröling FHG Wood Boiler


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Tarm Biomass, of, Lyme, NH is pleased to announce that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DES) has certified the Fröling FHG Model 20 wood heating boiler for use in New York State. The wood boiler is the first in nation to be certified for its emission and efficiency performance using the new Brookhaven National Laboratory Partial Thermal Storage Test Method for Wood Boilers. NY DES rigorously analyzed the Brookhaven data before accepting the results. The Brookhaven Test Method could be adopted or modeled by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as it continues to work on the Residential New Source Performance Standards for wood burning appliances (

About the Test Method:

The Brookhaven Test Method is designed to test wood burning boilers used with mass thermal storage. Brookhaven National Laboratory has succeeded in providing consumers, regulators, and the wood boiler industry with a test that is accurate while mimicking real world operation and at the same time, lowering testing costs. The test method requires testing boilers through a range of outputs and thermal demands while tracking efficiency and exhaust pollutants using firewood as the fuel. For more information, please visit:

About the Fröling FHG Wood Boiler:

The Fröling FHG 20 wood boiler is a residential wood-fired heating boiler made in Austria and imported and distributed By Tarm Biomass ( It is the first wood boiler to be tested using the Brookhaven Test Method. The Fröling FHG uses special controls including oxygen sensing and automated air adjustment to ensure clean and efficient burning of wood. The boiler produces hot water for space heating and domestic hot water heating. Results of Brookhaven’s rigorous testing show that the boiler is nearly two times cleaner than limits adopted by the U.S. EPA for becoming a partner in its voluntary wood boiler testing program. The FHG is normally used within homes for central heating, where it is exempt from regulation. With New York State Certification, the boiler is also legal for use in outbuildings in New York State.

About Mass Thermal Storage:

Mass thermal storage generally consists of several hundred gallons of water in a tank or tanks that are used as a thermal battery. Thermal storage allows wood burning boilers to operate more consistently and conveniently throughout a broad range of operating conditions. Consistent high temperature operation of wood boilers is essential for emissions reduction.



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