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The First Three Fröling TX 150 Wood Pellet boilers are getting ready to go on-line

The first three Fröling TX 150 (500,000Btuh) wood chip/wood pellet boilers are almost ready to go live. The three boilers are located at the Middle and High School in Stowe, Vt. The three boilers will be able to produce up to 1.5 million btuh and will be burning wood pellets for fuel. The fuel is feed through flex augers connected to an external 30 ton silo.
Stowe Middle School Froling TX 150

Stowe Middle and Hifg School Frolong TX 150
Front of School

Stowe Silo View Froling TX 150
View of Silo

Stowe Boilers Froling TX 150
Very tight quarters

Boiler View Back Stowe Froling TX 150
Rear View of boiler
Prepping Firebox Stowe Froling TX 150
Prepping firebox
Silo View Stowe Froling TX 150
View of Silo

Flex Auger Pipes Stowe Froling TX 150
Flex auger feed pipes

Boiler View Stowe Froling TX 150

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