The New HS Tarm Bonus Plus Wood Boiler

Coming this fall we will be introducing a new wood boiler to our line-up, the HS Tarm Bonus Plus. This will be a great boiler for someone looking for a compact, easy to use, well priced boiler. We are calling this the little sibling of our popular HS Tarm Solo Innova boiler. It is well suited for well insulated small to mid sized homes. This boiler will also work great with a single 400 or 300 gallon tank which simplifies piping and saves space.

Bonus Light High Resolution Image copyBounus Plus Cutaway

Big Heat Small Price

The “Bonus” is affordability “Plus” no compromising with this efficient and clean burning boiler, which exceeds Europe’s Class 5 rating* . At 825 pounds, the Bonus Plus is no light-weight with regard to quality or features.

  • Round heat exchange tubes are vertically orientated and arrive standard with turbulators for increased ash separation and efficiency.
  • 28” high flue collar and short over-all boiler height allows installation in basements with low ceilings and connection to almost any thimble.
  • Reversible, full firebox width doors.
  • Firebox heat cladding for enhanced combustion.
  • High quality EBM induction blower.
  • Firebase primary air for consistent clean combustion.
  • Arrives fully assembled.
  • Exterior mounted doors to all air and exhaust passages for simple maintenance.
  • Danish engineering derives high function from simple form.
  • 20-year limited warranty.
    * Minimum boiler efficiency of 88.47%, CO<700 mg/m3, OGC ,30mg/m3, Dust <60 mg/m3

Technical Data

Technical Data
Maximum heat output BTU/hr 102,000
Firebox Volume Cubic feet 3.2
Load Door in. X in. 13¾ X 12
Max. wood length inches 20
Unit length inches 43
Unit width inches 23
Unit height inches 45
Water Volume gallons 31.7
Weight pounds 825
Flue Collar Size inches 5
Height of flue collar inches 28

* Dimensions are subject to technical alterations.



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