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Founded in 1961, Fröling is a family-owned company located in Grieskirchen, Austria. A pioneer in wood-fired heating systems, Fröling has devoted decades of intensive R&D to the study of maximum energy efficiency in biomass boilers and, as a result, is a world leader in the industry.

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The small village of Tarm, Denmark is home to the HS Tarm Company, which was founded in the early 1900's by Rasmus Soerensen as a blacksmith shop servicing the horse and wagon trade. His son, Hans, expanded the small firm's offerings to include wood stoves and, eventually, central boilers that could be connected to remote radiators with pipes. The younger Soerensen, whose initials "H.S." were eventually incorporated into the company's name and logo, manufactured his first boiler in 1927. The company is now owned by Hans Sorenson, the grandson of the founder of HS Tarm. The company produces 60% of the home boilers used in Denmark and is ISO 9001 certified.

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