Energy Independence is Crucial

Will the United States Learn to Use its Energy Resources?

We have an energy problem in the United States.  We do not utilize our energy resources and our ample opportunities to conserve.  Given world affairs, our wasted ability to be energy independent is more stark than ever.   United States should unite on a long term energy policy.  Take wood heat, for example.  Using wood fuels increases energy independence while reducing carbon emissions.  Wood is not subject to shortages nor imported from far flung dictatorships.  Wood fuels are sustainably harvested in our backyards.  Modern firewood, wood pellets, and wood chips boilers are ready to use now.  Wood fuel is not a promise for the future.  Why then aren't we using more modern wood heating to improve our energy independence?

We have been down this road before.

Late 1970s HS-Tarm wood/oil combination boiler

It's been 49 years since the 1973 oil embargo.  Incidentally, the embargo landed the first HS-Tarm boilers in the United States.  During the Arab-Israeli War, members of OPEC used the United States' dependency on petroleum as a tool to leverage peace negotiations. Oil prices quadrupled and gasoline shortages ensued. The embargo had major ramifications for US consumers and U.S. National energy policy.  However, we didn't fix the problem.

Fast forward to today: Russia continues its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine with dire consequences for the Ukrainian people. Petroleum is once again being used as a tool of leverage. U.S households face crippling transportation and heating fuel costs as a result. Coming on the heels of the COVID pandemic and historically high inflation, high energy prices are especially unwelcome.

As in 1973, there is now renewed talk about energy independence for the United States. Some politicians and pundits suggest that energy independence and renewable energy are opposing concepts. The bottom line is that energy produced here in the United States can solve our current problems.  The United States has vast quantities of energy.  None are more immediately accessible than wood.  Sustainably harvested wood can be used in pellet, chip, or firewood form.  Not only is wood plentiful, but wood is a carbon neutral fuel.  Wood certainly cannot solve all or even a majority of our energy needs, but it can help, especially in areas where wood is plentiful.  New England, New York, Mid-Atlantic States, Great Lakes States, and the Pacific Northwest are all prime areas for increase use of modern wood heat.

Change the Way you Heat your Building Today.


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Tarm Biomass can help.  We offer a variety of boilers for home, business, and institutional building heat.  No fuel source is more local than wood.  There is no need to sacrifice comfort. Enjoy near complete heating independence by harvesting your own wood and heating with a modern Fröling wood boiler. If you prefer the convenience of oil and propane or don't have your own wood supply, automatic wood pellet heat is another good option. Wood chips present a great alternative for large oil and propane consumers.  Savings can be considerable.  Wood fuels are natural, in-your-back-yard energy sources. When wood fuels are used, your fuel dollars benefit your neighbors.  Take the off ramp from petro-dependence and learn all of the ways to feel good about wood.

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For a great article about wood heat check out this article from Vermont Public Radio (Listen or read transcript)



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