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Featured Installation: Froling P4 48/60

Installed by: Integrated Solar, Brattleboro, VT (802) 257-7493
Completion Date: August 2010
Goal: To make the home’s heating and electrical needs Net Zero.

House Specifications
House Size: 6,500 sq. ft over 4 levels.
Pool Wing: 2,500 sq. ft/16,000 gallon pool.

Fuel/Electrical Consumption
Before                              After (Conservation Measures Taken)
6,400 Gallons              3,700 Gallons
56,600kW                      50,000kW

New Renewable Systems Installed
Pellet Boiler: Froling P4 48/60 198,000Btuh with 2- 220 gallon buffer tanks insulated to R40.
Pellet Fuel Storage: 14 ton storage room above garage with Komfort Box System-pneumatic delivery.

Solar Thermal: 12-4’ x 10’ flat plate collectors, ground mounted (pool heating and DHW production).
Solar PV: 192-215W panels, ground mounted; 41.28kW; designed for 100% of the demand.
Froling P4 ISolar 1  Froling P4 ISolar 2 Froling P4 ISolar 4Froling P4 ISolar 5  Froling P4 ISolar 6                              Froling P4 ISolar 7      Froling P4 Fuel Store Door Froling P4 ISolar 8  Froling P4 Store Room Connections          DSC00868 
 Froling P4 ISolar 2   Froling P4 ISolar 7      
Froling P4 ISolar 9    Froling P4 Isolar 10

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