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Featured Pellet Boiler Installation: Fröling P4 20/25

Installed by: Collette Plumbing and Heating, Orleans VT (802) 754-6984
Completion Date: August 2010
Goal: Customer wanted to switch from burning cordwood/propane to a more user friendly biomass fuel.
House Specifications House Size: 2,000-2,200 sq. ft.
Type of Heat: FHW Baseboard
Fuel Consumption Average propane consumption: 1,400 gallons
Average wood consumption: 6-8 full cords
New Renewable System Installed Pellet Boiler: Froling P4 20/25 85,400Btuh with one 1-220 gallon buffer tank.
Pellet Fuel Storage: 4 ton metal storage bin integrated with single Froling probe.
Existing Renewable System Installed Solar thermal for domestic hot water.
Froling P4 Orleans 1 Froling P4 Orleans 3
Froling P4 Orleans 4
Froling P4 Orleans 5 Froling P4 Orleans 6
froling P4 Orleans 7   Froling P4 Orleans 9
Froling P4 Orleans 10   Froling P4 Orleans 11

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