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Froling PE1 Pellet Boilers are EPA Approved, 30%+ Cleaner than Similar Boilers

Froling has received EPA approvals for PE1 20 and PE1 35 pellet boilers.  Results will soon be posted on the EPA Hydronic Heaters List, which can be found here:  https://www.epa.gov/residential-wood-heaters/fact-sheet-summary-requirements-wood-fired-hydronic-heaters

The PE1 20 has an emission rate of .049 lbs/mmBtu/hr. and an annualized emission rate of .425 grams/hr.  Annualized efficiency is 78%.  The PE1 35 has an emission rate of .053 lbs/mmBtu/hr. and an annualized emission rate of .678 grams/hr.  Annualized efficiency is 80%.  Both boilers pass the stringent 2020 EPA emission threshold of .1 lbs/mmBtu/hr.

Very few pellet boilers on the EPA list have been tested using test methods required for meeting strict 2020 emission levels.  The Froling PE1 was tested without the use of thermal storage AND at the very difficult test operating range called Category I, which draws < 15% of the boiler’s rated output.  This means that the PE1 is not only legal for sale without thermal storage, but it also operates cleanly in very low load operating conditions.  With an added abillity to de-tune the boilers using the controls, clean outputs as low as 15,500 Btu/hr. are possible, which makes the PE1 20 a great choice for central heating in very efficient homes.

PE1 boilers still ship standard with intelligent storage tank management controls.  Though it is not required, Tarm Biomass encourages the use of thermal storage, especially when thermal storage can double as a domestic hot water source.

PE1 boilers arrive with an internet connectable 7” touch screen.  Froling is in the process of rolling out a significantly improved and much more powerful version of its free “Connect” service, which will include not only historic monitoring capabiltiy, but a handy application for smart phones and tablets.  All boilers with touch screens, even those previously sold, will be adaptable to the new Connect sevice after a software update.  Stay tuned for more information about the new Connect.





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