Brian Millette, Steadfast for 29 1/2 Years, Retires from Tarm Biomass

Brian Millette is retiring!  Tomorrow, Wednesday May 9th, will be Brian’s last day at Tarm Biomass.

Brian started working for Nichols Hardware in September of 1988.  I was still in high school at the time.  Brian was originally a floor clerk in the hardware store, which was owned by my Father Jim Nichols and Uncle Lloyd Nichols.  Possessing numerous talents learned from working on his own home, vehicles, and a wood working hobby, Brian was a perfect fit in a hardware store.  The store had a small engine shop and Brian even filled in making repairs to Husqvarna chainsaws.  By the time we closed the store in 2005, Brian played about every role, from checking in new stock to selling stoves and even helping install stoves and chimneys.  At that time Brian had little role at Tarm Biomass, which we picked up in 1994.  However, when the store closed and we focused only on boilers, there was no question to us that Brian would stay on our staff.  With his quick wit, affability, humble nature, and pride in a job well done, Brian has always made friends with customers and colleagues.

Brian has suffered through the deaths of Jim and Lloyd Nichols.  He’s tolerated ownership transitions.  He’s worked through business transitions.  He’s taken hold of product line transitions.  He’s handled it all with aplomb.  His quiet assumption of the next duty has seemed as natural as taking a breath.

For the past 13 years Brian has been the parts man for Tarm Biomass.  Many will know him for his soft, low voice and Northern New Hampshire accent.  What most will recall is Brian’s expert knowledge about spare parts and ability to get parts out the door ASAP.  One of Brian’s unsung traits is making sure that our customers get the parts they have paid for in perfect working order.  Our rate of parcels damaged in transit is almost zero.  There’s an authentic talent there rooted in taking pride in a job well done.

It is hard to know where to find guys like Brian, who show up on time regardless of the weather, regardless of how he feels, or for any other cause.  Heck, even his boss, yours truly, can’t match his on-time record.  When Brian’s been here to work, he works; that’s it.

If you’ve done business with Brian over the last 29 1/2 years, please drop him a note and wish him well in retirement if the spirit moves you.  We’ll be in communication with Brian from time to time and will pass everything along. Don’t forget to wish us luck.  Brian is a hard act to follow.

We count ourselves lucky to have been able to know and work with Brian for so long.



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