Froling Wood pellet Boiler

Froling Wood Pellet Boilers Installed by Tarm Biomass Heat Orford Commercial Building

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A Fertile Opportunity for Renewable Heating Sometimes nice old buildings present fertile opportunities for renewable heating makeovers with Froling wood pellet boilers.  Here is a great example.  The 30,000 square foot office and warehouse was built starting in 1965 by New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson for his Equity Publishing business.  As Governor Thomson’s business grew […]

Great Technology is Only 1/2 of the Equation

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Our local newspaper, the Valley News, recently ran an article about heat pumps titled, “Innovation, or Just Hot Air?”. The article references a Vermont Public Service Department report, which found that in 77 studied heat pump installations, “the average annual energy cost savings was approximately $200.00 per heat pump, significantly less than had been assumed […]

Advanced Wood Heating Can Flatten The Duck Curve

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There is a pattern of power use and renewable power production that is putting pressure on electric utilities.  When power demand is highest- through the evening and overnight hours to morning- renewable electrical production is often at its lowest.  Power demand, when plotted over a 24 hour period can look like the silhouette of a […]

Scott Gates Joins the Tarm Biomass Staff

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Tarm Biomass is very pleased to announce that Scott Gates has joined our staff. Scott brings with him 2 decades of experience in plumbing and heating. Scott combines the talents of central heating and attention to detail under the umbrella of a sound understanding of wood combustion. Given Scott’s skill set, Tarm Biomass adds new […]

USA Nordic Sport Announces Sponsorship Agreement with Tarm Biomass

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October 6, 2015, Park City, UT – USA Nordic Sport (USANS) has just announced that it has signed a sponsorship deal with Tarm Biomass.  Tarm Biomass will become the official Alternative Heating Solutions Provider supporting USA Nordic Sport with significant financial commitments. “We are very excited to enter into this partnership with Tarm Biomass”, said […]