The Next Big Step

Tarm Biomass was one of the first companies in the United States to introduce pellet boilers for use with bulk delivered wood pellets. Immediately, the opportunity to use wood pellets expanded beyond home use to commercial and institutional applications. Over the last 12 years, Tarm Biomass, once known only as a wood boiler company, has proven that it has the products, the partners, and the skill to provide boilers for jobs requiring up to 800,000 Btu/Hr. heating loads. With HS-Tarm Solo Plus and Solo Innova, and with Fröling FHG and P4 pellet boilers proving themselves in thousands of installations every day, it is remarkable to think about how far we have come.
Tarm Biomass is now entering its next phase of full-line biomass heating supply and support with the introduction of the new P4 100 pellet boiler and the TX 150 wood chip/pellet boiler. Last week we sent two of our top dealer representatives, Mark Froling of Froling Energy, Peterborough, NH and Marc DiMario of Sunwood Biomass, Waitsfield, VT, together with Travis Paige and Rene Ferland from our office, to the Austrian offices of Fröling GmbH. The men participated in 4 days of training with a focus on the commercial duty TX 150. All four men returned favorably impressed not only with the boiler, but also with Fröling as a company. We are more excited than ever about the potential that these boilers have here in the United States. First U.S. installations of the TX are planned for late spring/early summer.TX150 virtual image front view
The TX 150 is a heavily built, 500,000 Btu output boiler with the ability to cascade with up to 3 additional boilers; creating up  to 2 million Btu combined heat output. At its price point, and with its small footprint, the TX offers savings, flexibility, and durability over other boilers in its class. The ability of the boiler to burn either wood chips or wood pellets further enhances prospects for the TX 150. Tarm Biomass and its partners believe that just as the HS-Tarm Multi-Heat created a demand for bulk wood pellets, The TX 150 will be the machine that begins building the North American market for dry wood chip fuel. There are significant cost advantages in dry wood chip fuel over wood pellets and even wet wood chips. With wood chips of uniform shape and under 30% moisture content, low emissions and high efficiency are possible even without expensive exhaust side emission controls. The boiler machinery itself is also smaller and less complicated when drier chips are used. Although dry chips cost slightly more to create, they are still an inexpensive fuel compare to oil and even compared to wood pellets. Tarm Biomass believes that the dry chip opportunity is too attractive for it not to take hold rapidly.
With full faith in the TX 150, our supplier, Fröling GmbH, and our local installing experts, we embark on yet another big project, proving once again that we are “Innovative leaders in alternative heating solutions.”



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