Since 1974, HS-Tarm wood boilers have been imported into North America. There were over 10 different models that burned multiple fuels like cordwood, coal, and fossil fuels. With this long history of boilers being sold, there are many boilers being installed or put back on-line. Below are links to original owner’s manuals and brochures. It is critical that the boilers are installed correctly and checked for any safety concerns. Most parts are still available. Also, make sure to take a look at TARM Biomass' current boiler line-up. There have been many changes to boiler design which has increased both boiler efficiency and operation. Please feel free to contact TARM Biomass with any questions.



1982 Boiler General Catalog-A blast from the past!



Owner's Manuals and Brochures

Boiler Model
Boiler Manual
Boiler Brochure
Bonus Plus Bonus Plus Manual Bonus Plus Brochure
Solo Innova Solo Innova Manual
Scandtec Solo Plus
Scandtec Solo Plus Manual
Solo Plus
(Pre 2009)

Solo Plus Manual

Excel 2000-2200
(Multi-fuel Boiler)
Multi-Heat 1.5, 2.0, 4.0
(Wood Pellet/Corn Boiler)
 Multi-Heat Manual  Multi-Heat Brochure
OT Series
2000 Series
900 Series
(Oil Boiler)
500 Series
400 Series
300 Series
200 Series
Parts List
For All Boilers



































The following is a safety check list:

  •   An ASME stamped pressure relief valve is properly installed and checked.
  •   An overheat aquastat is installed that activates the largest zone in the house if the boiler exceeds 200 ºF.
  •   A gravity over-heat dump loop to prevent the boiler from overheating when there is a power outage (this zone needs to be at least 10% of the boiler’s output).
  •   All doors, seals, and gaskets checked for proper sealing and operation.If the boiler has a Samson regulator; check for proper operation and calibration.
  •   The boiler has been thoroughly cleaned and checked.
  •   The heating system has been checked for proper operation to ensure heat can be removed from the boiler i.e. pumps, expansion tank, valves, etc are all working correctly.
  •   Chimney has been checked and cleaned and meets the proper draft and size requirements for the boiler.
If it is a new installation, we highly recommend the use of a Termovar Loading Unit, Termovar Mixing Valve with built-in balancing or Termovar Mixing Valve without built-in balancing.This valve ensures a minimum return-water temperature to the boiler which increases the boiler efficiency, prevents tarring, condensation, and prolongs the life of the boiler.