The US made, ASME rated pressurized tanks are made of carbon steel and delivered with a coating of primer. The vertical orientation of the tanks makes it easy to pass through most exterior doorways and stand vertical. This arrangement saves valuable floor space while allowing for desirable temperature stratification. Insulation is added after the tanks are placed for ease of movement and installation. Tarm Biomass has a wealth of expertise in the application of thermal storage. We provide conceptual installation diagrams for a multitude of installations. We stock most valves and controls for perfect integration of thermal storage with your wood or wood pellet boiler.

  • Improved boiler efficiency, simplify operation, and increase boiler utilization.
  • A legal and safe alternative to unrated home-built alternatives.
  • Maximum design pressure 125 psig.
  • With a 450º F maximum operating temperature. No need to worry about over-heating plastic or rubber liners.
  • Many installations will use fewer circulators than with coil-based unpressurized tanks.
  • Perfect for use with low-energy circulators.
  • Vertical orientation saves floor space and encourages thermal stratification.
  • Closed system containing boiler water does not require annual water level and ph testing.
  • Combine with Turbomax or Fröling instantaneous indirect hot water tanks for excellent domestic hot water production.
  • Fabricated and stamped in accordance with the ASME BPV Code Section VIII, Division 1
  • Made from Carbon Steel.
  • Exterior finish: gray primer.
  • Interior finish: plain.
  • Standard inlet/outlet connections: FNPT.
  • Strap type support legs provide approximately 1⅞” clearance for the 30″ diameter, and 1¾” clearance for the 36″ diameter.
  • One-year Warranty



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Weight 210920.45205 lbs

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